Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Microsoft introduced the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool after the launch of its Windows 7 OS. It was in reaction to the move by Apple to remove the DVD Drive from its product lineup. Apple could then make their product more compact, make their battery last much longer. But in the bargain sounded the death knell … Read moreWindows USB/DVD Download Tool

How to hack : A Proof of concept

boot screen ophcrack live cd

No one uses the word HACK anymore these days. Simply asking for the password is easier. Hacking tools ruled the roost, but that was some time back. It was common to find unsecured networks, simple passwords and shaky Windows OS. But recent times security has improved manyfold. Hacking has  become a forgotten word due to … Read moreHow to hack : A Proof of concept

Use Hiren Boot CD to clear Windows passwords

hiren boot cd

Hiren Boot CD is a set of utilities and tools to repair problems with Windows OS. The list of problems which can be sorted is quite large which makes Hiren Boot CD one of the most widely used tool kit to sort out Windows OS problems. In this article we shall focus on the most … Read moreUse Hiren Boot CD to clear Windows passwords

Backup your blog or self hosted site : Softaculous

Backup blog

Backup of your blog can appear as a secondary task, but it is always a good idea to keep a copy of all your hard work, or at least prepare yourself for an eventuality. Each type of blog have a different backup option depending on the way it is hosted. In this series of articles, … Read moreBackup your blog or self hosted site : Softaculous