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17 inch laptop 2

Onslaught of the 17 inch Laptop

A big screen laptop is pretty hard to find. With the world moving to smartphone and tablets, who would go beyond the 15 inch standard for laptops. Yes, we did have the gaming models...

LK K10 2017 3

LG K10 2017 with 112 panic button

LG has gone ahead and become the first handset manufacturer in India to introduce the 112 National Emergency Number. While the other manufacturers are still in planning stages, LG has introduced the feature out... 0

What is

A chance search of Google threw up this interesting website Calling a website will not be appropriate. It is more of a webapplication. The author has clearly brought out how he is...

HDFC Bank Mobile banking android app 3

Payments using the smartphone UPI app

#cashlessindia UPI by NCPI is the next revolution in money transfer and payments. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. It is a Govt of India and RBI initiative to promote cashless transactions to the...


Roundup of RWA Society Apps

As the size of societies in megacities grow, it becomes a compulsion to go smart. Now a days with a smartphone in each hand, we explore the apps available to ease the day to...