Conjob on Email


Here is a screenshot of a very suspicious email which listed out the series of actions which need to be don, otherwise the email account will be deactivated. Lets look at the humour in the apparent Conjob. Here is a screenshot of the mail with some key points highlighted. Please Note the misspelled Oulook instead … Read more

Upgrading to Windows 10

As on Sept 2015, the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 has progressed well for Microsoft. Now there is a simpler way to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC to Windows 10. Go to the following URL Download the Media Creation Tool. Check your version of Windows to select either 32 Bit or … Read more

WUDO or voodoo : Whats Microsoft upto this time

WUDO stands for  Windows Update Delivery Optimisation. It has been officially rolled out in the Windows 10 free upgrade. There have been enough hints dropped by Microsoft earlier, but it is a shocker that this has been enabled by default and that it has been done without the user’s consent. So what is WUDO all about. Under Settings … Read more