WhatsApp to WordPress in a few clicks.

WhatsApp to WordPress

The large screen touch enabled smartphone has made it possible to go as far away from the desktop PC as we want. Had it not been for the age old addiction to Windows and the Mouse, we would had never removed the dust cover from the PC. I recently installed (finally) WhatsApp on my android … Read moreWhatsApp to WordPress in a few clicks.

SlideShare clone using WordPress

Products like Google Drive, Google Docs and SlideShare have made our lives so easier and are great tools for bloggers and publishers who want to reach a greater audience. In this article we will convert a WordPress blog to look like a SlideShare clone. The only reason you can might move away from these services … Read moreSlideShare clone using WordPress

A WhatsApp plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp is a very popular cross platform messaging app for the mobile. Its popularity is alarming. But WordPress and JetPack have yet to embrace it in their sharing services. So right now we need to rely on a plugin to provide us the WhatsApp sharing button under our posts. WhatsApp Sharing button for JetPack comes … Read moreA WhatsApp plugin for WordPress

Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

details about Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress is not just another plugin designed to insert ads in your self hosted WordPress blog. Now since WordPress is the number one blogging platform, atleast in the self hosted section, it is important for Google to launch a product which takes on the challenge head on. And what we could … Read moreGoogle Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Making Changes to Meta Widget

Meta Widget is responsible for the display of login information for registered users to access a Self Hosted WordPress site. It can be displayed in the sidebars or the footer. For a single author website, it can be hidden altogether. There is no way that the five items in this widget can be changed without … Read moreMaking Changes to Meta Widget

A tale of two wordpress themes

WordPress maintains a list of popular themes on its website. The top six popular are the twenty series default themes which come prepackaged with the WordPress package, hence deserve not to be checked. The next six have some interesting info. The following themes are in the next six of the popularity list. Zerif Lite – … Read moreA tale of two wordpress themes

Best Comment System (Part 2) : WordPress.com

Previously we had seen how Blogger integrates with Google Plus to give us an unmatched commenting experience. The competitor blogging platform by WordPress has a similar feast in offing. Similar, but not identical. Since WordPress does not have its own social networking platform, its come up with a unique system to help bloggers. WordPress is distinctly … Read moreBest Comment System (Part 2) : WordPress.com

Make your WordPress site Mobile Friendly in a click

The dreaded mail from Google Webmaster finally arrived. Choice was between how good the desktop site will look, but lead to lots of horizontal scrolling on a touch enabled smart phone. The mail read something like this   People are buying smart phones like crazy and majority of them big screen touch enabled smartphones. Google needs to … Read moreMake your WordPress site Mobile Friendly in a click

rel=”nofollow” becomes irrelevant after Google drops Page Rank

It was after some effort that I could understand what is Page Rank and its relationship with links. Though this tutorial from Google Support has covered the basics quite well, it was more to do with the convincing part rather than understanding. Check out the article about links from Google Support below. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96569?hl=en To sum … Read morerel=”nofollow” becomes irrelevant after Google drops Page Rank