Google Assistant – Voice charged Google Search

google assistant

Google Assistant was launched by Google in 2017. It is an android app on Google Play Store. The second qtr of 2018 saw a sirious boost to the app by Google. Probably a precursor to the launch of Google Home Smart speakers. The first hurdle Google faces is Siri firmly in place with iPhone users. … Read moreGoogle Assistant – Voice charged Google Search

What is a paid link and why Google does not like it

What is a paid link

What is a paid link. A paid link is a nightmare for Google and it keeps reappearing on the Internet in a newer forms. Right now it is product reviews. And for this new threat, Google is going to respond the way it did by cracking down on guest posts and penalised MyBlogGuest and Ann … Read moreWhat is a paid link and why Google does not like it

Understanding Google Search : Autocomplete

Autocomplete explanation

Previously we have seen how Sitelinks enhance the search results of your website on Google Search. In continuation of the series on Understanding Google Search, today we will look at another Google Search feature called Autocomplete. This feature gives you search suggestions as you type your search in the Google Search Box. A detailed description … Read moreUnderstanding Google Search : Autocomplete

WordPress Plugin : Author Product Review

As the world moves to mobile and portable touch screen enabled devices, search results displayed by Search Engines such as Google have entered a space wars. The fight is to crowd in as much information as possible in the small screen of a mobile phone. It has even lead to Google abandoning its much acclaimed … Read moreWordPress Plugin : Author Product Review

Google Authorship and rel=author

Google’s initiative to feature profile pic and circle count of authors in search results has suddenly been discontinued. For the past two years, Google has been actively persuading publishers and authors to join their program called “Google Authorship”. The complete article explaining the benefits of Authorship can be accessed here So this sudden change has … Read moreGoogle Authorship and rel=author