Three Lions of Links: Reblog, Press This and Embeds

WordPress platform has provided bloggers with a set of tools for easy sharing. The Three Lions of Links,¬†Reblog, Press This and Embeds. For those who began their blogging journey with we all are familiar with Reblog. It provides a simple way to spread popular content across multiple authors and users or readers. And with … Read more

Best Comment System (Part 2) :

Previously we had seen how Blogger integrates¬†with Google Plus to give us an unmatched commenting experience. The competitor blogging platform by WordPress has a similar feast in offing. Similar, but not identical. Since WordPress does not have its own social networking platform, its come up with a unique system to help bloggers. WordPress is distinctly … Read more

rel=”nofollow” becomes irrelevant after Google drops Page Rank

It was after some effort that I could understand what is Page Rank and its relationship with links. Though this tutorial from Google Support has covered the basics quite well, it was more to do with the convincing part rather than understanding. Check out the article about links from Google Support below. To sum … Read more