Sep 072014
Capture High Resolution Screen Shot : Windows

A high resolution screen shot of the Windows Desktop sometimes becomes a very important requirement. While there are many software out there to help you out, this article will focus on the inbuilt Windows Tool called Snipping Tool. Microsoft has introduced the Sniping tool since Windows Vista. It is available only in the Home Premium, [...]

Sep 062014
Facebook Open Graph : Display Images [Solved]

Sharing a Link on Facebook is a treat. It enables authors to offer a better visual experience to their readers and followers. As you type in the hyperlink or the URL, the familiar three animated vertical lines appear and your link materialises in the form of a picture and some other information, usually the first [...]

Aug 172014
Display content from other websites.

The moment the though of bringing content from other websites,  comes to mind. Slam, the answer is RSS. But this article will be focus on some thing more than RSS and the usual widget/sidebar display. 1.     Using a simple hyper link <a href=””>main</a> <a href=’’ target=”_blank”>About</a> In the first instance the word “main” will only [...]

Aug 052014
Portfolio by Jetpack

Jetpack, the plugin which brings the features of to your self-hosted WordPress blog/site has launched the 3.1 update which has “Custom Content Type” which allows you to showcase your work of art or skill. This feature is a new content type called Portfolio. Wikipedia defines Portfolio as either a sample of artists work or [...]

Jul 222014
Google Authorship and rel=author

Google’s initiative to feature profile pic and circle count of authors in search results has suddenly been discontinued. For the past two years, Google has been actively persuading publishers and authors to join their program called “Google Authorship”. The complete article explaining the benefits of Authorship can be accessed here So this sudden change has [...]

Jul 092014
Nikon Coolpix

Note : This article contains affiliate links. Point and Shoot cameras have always been a favourite with the masses. Smart chips process images in digital formats at blazing speeds giving us the ability to capture stunning photos with a single click. And between the mighty SLR and plain Jane Point and Shoot, we have the [...]

Jun 292014
Philips Air Fryer : Fry without oil

NOTE: This article contains affiliate links. Air Frying is a new patented technology in which superheated air is used in place of oil, to circulate heat among food to mimic the effect of frying.Traditionally, oil is used, either pan fried or deep fried to effect a brown crispy layer on the outside and soft, tender [...]

Jun 222014

Pen Drive is an everyday utility item. Known by many names such as, thumb drive, drive, USB storage and so on, it comes in variety of shapes and capacities. Lets have a rundown of a select few. The most expensive. Kingston DataTraveler Workspace 128 GB Utility Pen Drive Costs a mammoth Rs 17000 and is [...]

Jun 202014
A meeting place for bloggers : Part 1

Bloggers like to talk, sometimes a lot. And for those who love to talk want an audience. Not everyone is a good listener. And patient listeners, they are all but gone. But all this while we fail to notice, a fellow blogger is going to be a good listener, patient and understanding, he/she will read [...]

Jun 112014
Gionee : Warning to consumers

Chinese Handset manufacturer, Gionee has warned customers buying handsets from online shopping websites, that such a move may bring them some inconvenience. The advisory is in tune with similar warnings issued by Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell recently. Online portals like Flipkart and Snapdeal, meanwhile have assured that customers have no need to worry and their [...]