How to enable the blue light filter on your mobile phone

blue light filter

If you are one of those who need to check your mobile before hitting the deck, you should be aware of the blue light filter. There is a general awareness on the harmful effects of mobile screen radiation. It is also believed that after a few generations, children will be born with eye related genetic … Read moreHow to enable the blue light filter on your mobile phone

WhatsApp Messenger asking for update on 13 Jan 2018 [Solved]

whatsapp messenger update

13 Jan 2018 saw many WhatsApp users being prompted for update as the current version has become obsolete. It further asked the user to go to Google Play Store to download the latest version. But when users clicked the green download button, they were directed to Google Play Store where it showed the app is … Read moreWhatsApp Messenger asking for update on 13 Jan 2018 [Solved]

Stream and Cast HD Content : Part 2 Google Chromecast 2

google chromecast 2

In the previous article we have seen how Amazon Fire TV Stick is used as a Digital Media Player. Amazon Fire TV Stick connects with your Amazon Prime Account. You have full access to the video library. Devices can be casted and mirrored.  Added advantage, you have Prime Membership to Amazon Shopping Services. Chromecast by … Read moreStream and Cast HD Content : Part 2 Google Chromecast 2

Google Web Light integration with Chrome for Android


Ever since Google Web Light was introduced by Google, it was inevitable that Google will come up with something big from this inconspicuous looking idea. With the latest update to Chrome for Android, Googleweblight is now grown into a full blown and free CDN for your blog or website. Date of Article : Mid 2017 … Read moreGoogle Web Light integration with Chrome for Android

Review Android Game DEAD TARGET : Zombie


Are you looking for a simple shooting game. Endless waves of Zombies, Simple or exotic weapons and pure mayhem. Do you want to relax by removing all your day’s pent up frustration on a game. Then DEAD TARGET : Zombie is the game for you.  A search for simple FPS or First Person Shooter game … Read moreReview Android Game DEAD TARGET : Zombie

Guest User and Multi User in Android

Google has enabled Guest User Mode and Multi User Mode in Android Lollipop. This feature is a boon to users who are holding multiple Google Accounts. It is also helpful to users who want to loan the handset to someone without worrying about the privacy of their data. What is Multi User Any Google user … Read moreGuest User and Multi User in Android

Android : All about rooting and flashing

Rooting an Android phone gives you an Administrator level control on your phone. Flashing means replacing the current software of your phone with some other custom ROM. But why would anyone want to root their phone. Some don’t even change the wallpaper. Rooting can be a technical task for some and besides damaging your phone … Read moreAndroid : All about rooting and flashing

Android : Using Recovery Mode

recovery mode

Recovery Mode in Android is a collection of tools which will help you to carry out some advanced tasks on your phone. Recovery Mode software is located on a separate partition. While there is standard way to enter the Recovery Mode as designed by Google, there can be a few variations depending on phone models … Read moreAndroid : Using Recovery Mode

Android : Unlocking the Bootloader

unlocking the bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is the first step for a successful flashing the Android phone with a custom ROM. This means a direct confrontation with the users. Some phone manufacturers will go to any length to ensure that only a specific ROM is used with their phone. To achieve this the ROM is locked and sometimes … Read moreAndroid : Unlocking the Bootloader

Launcher Loading problem in Android

launcher loading

Android Smartphone users if affected by this problem will see a white screen and a grey circle with the text “Launcher Loading…” The circle will keep moving, sometimes for an eternity during which the phone remains unresponsive. Installation of an app follows immediately after this. The installed app will have a shortcut placed on the … Read moreLauncher Loading problem in Android