Ransomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A D+10 report

lessons learnt from the wannacry cyber attack

WannaCry based Ransomware Cyber Attack began on 12 May 2017. It hit hundreds of PCs and Servers running outdated and unpatched version of Microsoft Windows OS. Users who had not installed Microsoft update patch MS 17-010 were mostly vulnerable to this attack. After gaining access to the system, WannaCry encrypted files of the user and … Read moreRansomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A D+10 report

Ransomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A brief introduction

ransomware wannacry

Ransomware WannaCry has hit Windows Computers worldwide. Here is what you need to know about this cyber attack in brief. The attack was launched on 12 May 2017 and within three days it has reached an epidemic proportions with no apparent relief in sight. What is a Ransomware Ransomware is an old concept. It is designed … Read moreRansomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A brief introduction

Safeguard against Card cloning

When you own a plastic card, it is good idea to secure it. You may have the luck of never encountering any unpleasant incident with your debit or credit card. Otherwise you make sure that there is no security lapses from your side. Or you are ready for the inevitable misfortune. Safeguards common to both … Read moreSafeguard against Card cloning

(Cyber) Secure your Money

Your money is now in control of powerful computers. There was the promise of better security. But age old risks do not change. There are newer threats, this time they are digital in nature. By following a few precautions and fail safe you can have a secure place for your money. What is digital banking … Read more(Cyber) Secure your Money

BitLocker Drive Encryption

bitlocker drive encryption

Windows 10 comes with in built drive encryption called BitLocker Drive Encryption. If your PC is stolen, the files cannot be accessed by simply removing the Hard Disk Drive. This feature is available only in the Professional Version and has to be activated by signing in with an online Microsoft Account. What is BitLocker Drive … Read moreBitLocker Drive Encryption

How to hack : A Proof of concept

boot screen ophcrack live cd

No one uses the word HACK anymore these days. Simply asking for the password is easier. Hacking tools ruled the roost, but that was some time back. It was common to find unsecured networks, simple passwords and shaky Windows OS. But recent times security has improved manyfold. Hacking has  become a forgotten word due to … Read moreHow to hack : A Proof of concept

Use Hiren Boot CD to clear Windows passwords

hiren boot cd

Hiren Boot CD is a set of utilities and tools to repair problems with Windows OS. The list of problems which can be sorted is quite large which makes Hiren Boot CD one of the most widely used tool kit to sort out Windows OS problems. In this article we shall focus on the most … Read moreUse Hiren Boot CD to clear Windows passwords

Use Ohpcrack to recover forgotten Windows passwords

Ophcrack is an evergreen tool to retrieve forgotten Windows OS passwords. As versions of Windows keep improving security, the retrieval of forgotten passwords using Ohpcrack in becoming increasingly difficult. But still Ohpcrack can be used as one of the option to be used to hit paydirt. Download Ohpcrack Ohpcrack can be downloaded for the following … Read moreUse Ohpcrack to recover forgotten Windows passwords

Belarc Advisor : Your free personal audit tool

Belarc Advisor by Belarc Inc is a free tool to Audit a Windows PC. It provides you with tons of useful info focusing mainly on security audit and hence a useful tool for Cyber Security. It provides with a status of updates, software, network inventory and hardware info.

Before we begin it is important to point out that this tool is free only for personal use. Which means it is prohibited to be used in a corporate, educational, military or government setup, as per the license agreement.

Belarc Advisor can be downloaded from the following URL.


It comes as an installable package in a single exe file. Belarc Advisor is installed as a program in the Windows PC. You will need Administrator Privileges to install, run and extract useful info from your PC.  It will install a desktop short cut to run the program. It displays the result in your default web browser.

Read moreBelarc Advisor : Your free personal audit tool