Windows 10 Fall Creators Update : Oct 2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has begun rolling out their latest update for their present Desktop Operating System, Windows 10. This update is named as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft is planning to roll out the update in a phased manner. But if you cannot wait for the update to arrive you can jump the queue. In this … Read moreWindows 10 Fall Creators Update : Oct 2017

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Part I – Installation and Overview

opening screen of power data recovery software

Data Recovery usually follows after disaster strikes. Data disaster can take on different forms ranging from a dead hard disk to missing files. IT industry has been coming up with ways to mitigate effects of such disaster. Raid systems, cloud backups, local Windows backup and so on. As more and more gadgets flood our lives, … Read moreMiniTool Power Data Recovery Part I – Installation and Overview

Ransomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A D+10 report

lessons learnt from the wannacry cyber attack

WannaCry based Ransomware Cyber Attack began on 12 May 2017. It hit hundreds of PCs and Servers running outdated and unpatched version of Microsoft Windows OS. Users who had not installed Microsoft update patch MS 17-010 were mostly vulnerable to this attack. After gaining access to the system, WannaCry encrypted files of the user and … Read moreRansomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A D+10 report

MiniTool Partition Wizard : Swiss Knife for formatting needs

windows not able to format

Every now and then Windows will throw up an error that it is unable to format the disk. We usually attempt to use a pendrive in a state of hurry. So it naturally frustrating when Windows shows up such an error. In this article we shall see a foolproof method to overcome this problem and … Read moreMiniTool Partition Wizard : Swiss Knife for formatting needs

Drive permissions for Administrator shows Unknown

This problem was recently reported as shown under. A Google Search has not yielded any positive or specific solution to the problem. So it is all going to hit and trial and error and rectification. SFC Scan procedure Click Start and the search box type in CMD. Right click on CMD and select ‘Run As … Read moreDrive permissions for Administrator shows Unknown

Download videos from YouTube

addon search in firefox

Every now and then we need to download videos from YouTube. YouTube is the biggest collection of videos and is visited by millions. There are three primary ways to download the videos. One is using a software on Windows PC, other is using extensions or plugins for web browser and use the android YouTube app. … Read moreDownload videos from YouTube

Duplicate Cleaner for Windows OS

duplicate cleaner

Slowly but surely we all start accumulating junk files on our Windows PC. A good portion of junk files are duplicate files. For users who work on office files or store lots of images this issue is very common. If you find yourself in such a problem, Duplicate Cleaner is the way ahead for you. … Read moreDuplicate Cleaner for Windows OS

BitLocker Drive Encryption

bitlocker drive encryption

Windows 10 comes with in built drive encryption called BitLocker Drive Encryption. If your PC is stolen, the files cannot be accessed by simply removing the Hard Disk Drive. This feature is available only in the Professional Version and has to be activated by signing in with an online Microsoft Account. What is BitLocker Drive … Read moreBitLocker Drive Encryption

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Microsoft introduced the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool after the launch of its Windows 7 OS. It was in reaction to the move by Apple to remove the DVD Drive from its product lineup. Apple could then make their product more compact, make their battery last much longer. But in the bargain sounded the death knell … Read moreWindows USB/DVD Download Tool