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Windows 10 : Who moved my Start Button. 1

Windows 10 : Who moved my Start Button.

  It is unprecedented that Microsoft has dropped the next version of its Operating System, Windows 9 and instead moved straight to Windows 10. Shroud in mystery, the new version is called Threshold. One...

Windows Photo Viewer : Yellow Tint [SOLVED] 2

Windows Photo Viewer : Yellow Tint [SOLVED]

Opening a picture in Windows Photo Viewer gives is yellow tint. This happens because of an incorrect colour profile. It might happen after installation of a new monitor software or a buggy video driver....

Windows 10 “Threshold” : Newest Windows 1

Windows 10 “Threshold” : Newest Windows

Its phenomenal that Microsoft has skipped a version to move straight to 10. Claiming it to be a “Threshold”, Microsoft has finally acknowledged and understood that their main strength lies in desktop users who...

Capture High Resolution Screen Shot : Windows 3

Capture High Resolution Screen Shot : Windows

A high resolution screen shot of the Windows Desktop sometimes becomes a very important requirement. While there are many software out there to help you out, this article will focus on the inbuilt Windows...

Is the antivirus dead? 1

Is the antivirus dead?

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Brian Dye, Symantec’s Senior Vice President declared, “Antivirus (in its present form) is DEAD”. Symantec thinks that it is now time to move from a 100% protective...

The end of TrueCrypt 0

The end of TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt, a popular file encryption tool has suddenly announced end of development since May 2014 in view of termination of Microsoft support to Windows XP. STRANGE! A visit to both links, namely and

[SOLVED] The frozen right click 0

[SOLVED] The frozen right click

This problem is going to hit your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC all of a sudden. A right click will simply freeze in an unending blue circle. Mostly, it will happen inside an...

The HeartBleed BUG 0

The HeartBleed BUG

  Heartbleed bug has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Dooms Day or over reaction! Heartbleed Bug is an anomaly, accidently inserted in the code of Open SSL, a popular...