Google Maps partnership with Swachh Bharat for marking of public toilets

Local guides on Google Maps received an email on 20 Jul 2017 announcing the partnership of Govt of India with Google Maps for marking of public toilets on Google Maps. Here is a screen shot of the mail. The process is very simple. Details of the public toilet will be added on Google Maps as … Read moreGoogle Maps partnership with Swachh Bharat for marking of public toilets

Ransomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A brief introduction

ransomware wannacry

Ransomware WannaCry¬†has hit Windows Computers worldwide. Here is what you need to know about this cyber attack in brief. The attack was launched on 12 May 2017 and within three days it has reached an epidemic proportions with no apparent relief in sight. What is a Ransomware Ransomware is an old concept. It is designed … Read moreRansomware WannaCry Cyber Attack : A brief introduction

Google Web Light integration with Chrome for Android


Ever since Google Web Light was introduced by Google, it was inevitable that Google will come up with something big from this inconspicuous looking idea. With the latest update to Chrome for Android, Googleweblight is now grown into a full blown and free CDN for your blog or website. Date of Article : Mid 2017 … Read moreGoogle Web Light integration with Chrome for Android

Unified Payments Interface by NPCI

#cashlessindia This is the new mantra catching up with the common Indian. A cash driven economy has suddenly moved forward in the direction of digital payments. The basic framework by the Govt was already in place. What was lacking was a push in the forward direction. This was provided again by the govt in the … Read moreUnified Payments Interface by NPCI

Registration of RWA Societies in Delhi

Each state has its own laws for registration of societies. Various kinds of societies can be registered as per these rules. In this article we shall list out the various documents and references for registration of RWA Society in Delhi. Documents for reference The first document was shall discuss is the Booklet for Registration of … Read moreRegistration of RWA Societies in Delhi

WhatsApp video calling

whatsapp video calling

WhatsApp has recently updated their app and introduced Video Calling feature. This is a killer move by the company which has been recently acquired by Facebook. Since the negative publicity Facebook has received due to its ill conceived idea to access user data, this is some bright news for WhatsApp. We hope that WhatsApp video … Read moreWhatsApp video calling

Download videos from YouTube

addon search in firefox

Every now and then we need to download videos from YouTube. YouTube is the biggest collection of videos and is visited by millions. There are three primary ways to download the videos. One is using a software on Windows PC, other is using extensions or plugins for web browser and use the android YouTube app. … Read moreDownload videos from YouTube

Microsoft Hyper V Server

microsoft hyper v

Microsoft Hyper V is an¬†attempt get a toehold in the field of Virtualization. It is the exact equivalent of VMware ESXi which we had covered in the previous article. Microsoft is using all its might to push in Hyper V and slowly eating into the market share of VMware. What is Virtualization Virtualization is the … Read moreMicrosoft Hyper V Server

VMware ESXi

VMware ESXi

VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper V are two major products to achieve virtualization at server level. While VMware is the industry standard and market leader, Microsoft is not far behind. With clever pricing and long term strategy, Microsoft is only going to eat into VMware share. Virtualization at Server level Virtualization enables running of multiple … Read moreVMware ESXi