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A meeting place for bloggers : Part 1 0

A meeting place for bloggers : Part 1

Bloggers like to talk, sometimes a lot. And for those who love to talk want an audience. Not everyone is a good listener. And patient listeners, they are all but gone. But all this...


Gionee : Warning to consumers

Chinese Handset manufacturer, Gionee has warned customers buying handsets from online shopping websites, that such a move may bring them some inconvenience. The advisory is in tune with similar warnings issued by Lenovo, Toshiba...

Top 5 WordPress Themes : Magazine layout 2

Top 5 WordPress Themes : Magazine layout

The latest trend in WordPress is Magazine theme, where articles are displayed in grid layout. This makes it easy to publish news of different categories in an easy to read layout. Here are some...

Tips and Tricks for Suffusion : Part 1 0

Tips and Tricks for Suffusion : Part 1

Rounded corners look great. But flat is the in thing in menu design. Also rounded corners don’t show in Internet Explorer. So you might want to turn it off. Here is how. Go to...

Is the antivirus dead? 1

Is the antivirus dead?

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Brian Dye, Symantec’s Senior Vice President declared, “Antivirus (in its present form) is DEAD”. Symantec thinks that it is now time to move from a 100% protective...

The end of TrueCrypt 0

The end of TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt, a popular file encryption tool has suddenly announced end of development since May 2014 in view of termination of Microsoft support to Windows XP. STRANGE! A visit to both links, namely and

[SOLVED] The frozen right click 0

[SOLVED] The frozen right click

This problem is going to hit your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC all of a sudden. A right click will simply freeze in an unending blue circle. Mostly, it will happen inside an...

The HeartBleed BUG 0

The HeartBleed BUG

  Heartbleed bug has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Dooms Day or over reaction! Heartbleed Bug is an anomaly, accidently inserted in the code of Open SSL, a popular...