Backup your blog or self hosted site : Softaculous

Backup blog

Backup of your blog can appear as a secondary task, but it is always a good idea to keep a copy of all your hard work, or at least prepare yourself for an eventuality. Each type of blog have a different backup option depending on the way it is hosted. In this series of articles, … Read moreBackup your blog or self hosted site : Softaculous

Best Comment System (Part 1) : Blogger

Comments are very important for a blogger or a self hosted website. Professional Websites have a well designed Comment System which offers ease of use for its readers. The latest trend is using Facebook to comment. These comments then appear on your Facebook profile too. Everyone has a win win situation. For the blogger on … Read moreBest Comment System (Part 1) : Blogger

How to Blog : Blogger ….Part One

Blogger is a product of Google which provides a simple and straight forward way to start blogging for free. It gives you a sub domain and all the necessary tools to publish a blog. Also available are some advanced features which allows you to changeover to a complete website with a custom domain, again for … Read moreHow to Blog : Blogger ….Part One

Take control of your links

Every website/blog will eventually need links for a basic kind of optimisation for the search engines. Harmful links, if left unchecked may play havoc with your rankings. This article will focus more on the methodology of controlling links rather than the why of it. It will put across a few easy ways to get your … Read moreTake control of your links