Essential WordPress Plugins for a new site

A new WordPress site needs the help of a handful of plugins to turbocharge the reach in the world of blogging and internet. These plugins are feature packed and they will take your site to the next level. With a simple plan and the plugins in place, your blog is ready to accept content. Essential … Read moreEssential WordPress Plugins for a new site

WhatsApp to WordPress in a few clicks.

WhatsApp to WordPress

The large screen touch enabled smartphone has made it possible to go as far away from the desktop PC as we want. Had it not been for the age old addiction to Windows and the Mouse, we would had never removed the dust cover from the PC. I recently installed (finally) WhatsApp on my android … Read moreWhatsApp to WordPress in a few clicks.

SlideShare clone using WordPress

Products like Google Drive, Google Docs and SlideShare have made our lives so easier and are great tools for bloggers and publishers who want to reach a greater audience. In this article we will convert a WordPress blog to look like a SlideShare clone. The only reason you can might move away from these services … Read moreSlideShare clone using WordPress

Take control of your links

Every website/blog will eventually need links for a basic kind of optimisation for the search engines. Harmful links, if left unchecked may play havoc with your rankings. This article will focus more on the methodology of controlling links rather than the why of it. It will put across a few easy ways to get your … Read moreTake control of your links