Duplicate Cleaner for Windows OS

duplicate cleaner

Slowly but surely we all start accumulating junk files on our Windows PC. A good portion of junk files are duplicate files. For users who work on office files or store lots of images this issue is very common. If you find yourself in such a problem, Duplicate Cleaner is the way ahead for you. … Read moreDuplicate Cleaner for Windows OS

There is something about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

The death of the digital camera has already been sounded by the Smart Phone. But that has not stopped the Camera Companies from launching newer models every year. But the writing on the wall is clear. Manufacturers of Digital Cameras have on the other hand decided to go all out on one critical fact that … Read moreThere is something about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin Alternative Wp Insert

We have tested the official Google Adsense WordPress plugin and found it to be pretty simple and just managing to do its job, notwithstanding the massive one star rating it has received from users. If you are one of the users for whom the plugin refuses to work, there are a lot of alternatives that … Read moreGoogle Adsense WordPress Plugin Alternative Wp Insert

Power Banks for your gadgets

Power Banks

Large screen smartphones are now the rage but even with the best of technology, your battery might last for about a day. And all those on the move will agree that by the time the day draws to a close we are looking for a power outlet. Battery tech has remained primitive compared to the processors … Read morePower Banks for your gadgets

Siftr: A great tool for Photobloggers

Photographers or Photobloggers have limited SEO options for their Web Content. Hence they rely on the social networks to showcase their content.  A great way to showcase content is to create a portfolio. Photographers now have a great number of options and tools at their disposal. But the social network maze is getting increasingly complex. While … Read moreSiftr: A great tool for Photobloggers

A WhatsApp plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp is a very popular cross platform messaging app for the mobile. Its popularity is alarming. But WordPress and JetPack have yet to embrace it in their sharing services. So right now we need to rely on a plugin to provide us the WhatsApp sharing button under our posts. WhatsApp Sharing button for JetPack comes … Read moreA WhatsApp plugin for WordPress

Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

details about Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress is not just another plugin designed to insert ads in your self hosted WordPress blog. Now since WordPress is the number one blogging platform, atleast in the self hosted section, it is important for Google to launch a product which takes on the challenge head on. And what we could … Read moreGoogle Adsense Plugin for WordPress