Upgrading to Windows 10

As on Sept 2015, the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 has progressed well for Microsoft. Now there is a simpler way to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC to Windows 10.

Go to the following URL


Download the Media Creation Tool. Check your version of Windows to select either 32 Bit or 64 Bit.


If your PC does not support 64 Bit, it might be right time to upgrade the PC itself for a 64 Bit system.

To check for 32 bit or 64 bit Right click on My Computer and select Properties


Running the Media Creation Tool

Once the tool is downloaded, it is ready to run. It primarily gives two options, one creation of the media file and two is downloading and upgrading Windows in a single go.


The primary role of Media Creation Tool is a killer feature by Microsoft and is described in details here.


Steps while upgrading

Once you run the Media Creation Tool for Upgrading Windows 10, you will encounter the following steps



The mandatory windows update check begins first. It is strongly recommended that windows is updated as far as patches are concerned. Otherwise the Upgrade to Windows 10 will not be allowed.


Once update is finished, the Media Creation Tool starts downloading the necessary files to upgrade to Windows 10. Make sure you have sufficient space in the C Drive.


The final step in this process is creation of Windows 10 media. Once the media is ready, it shows the license agreement and the final screen before the upgrade begins.




The main installation may take anywhere between one to four hours. A fast internet connection is strongly recommended. The entire process is automated and user intervention is not required till the very end.


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  1. Ishwar Singh says:

    sir i learn a more things. upgradation of windows will remain continue for two three months, it will helps us thanks

  2. Naman Kumar says:

    I love windows 10. There are many os-images(img-files) uploaded but none of them is working well. So I would like to recommend to only download the clean images (img-files).
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  3. Nadeem Mehar says:

    really helpful article for me after read this article i will try to upgrade me windows 8 to windows 10 thanks again
    Nadeem Mehar recently posted…Telecharger KMS Activator Windows 10 Ultimate Download FreeMy Profile

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